Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Quake

For those living under a rock...
March 11th 2011, Japan was devastated by a massive earthquake.

Here's what I've heard so far...

  • The whole island of Japan [The Whole Country] was moved 8-10 feet closer to China.
  • The Earth's axis has been altered by a slight degree.
  • The Earth is now spinning faster causing a very minuscule change in the length of day.
  • The lowland areas were hit by a massive tsunami. 
  • A rough estimate of 10,000 people are missing or dead.
  • Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant has been crippled, and some of the reactors are on the verge of meltdown. They are doing all they can to try and maintain the reactors. 
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Japan Relief T-Shirt shirt
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