Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays

Before this blog suffers further neglect, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays!...

So, how about some re-gifting???
I have created these SketchUp references a few years ago. I have gifted them on a blog before. But I have not mentioned them on this blog whatsoever.
Theatre Flat 8' x 4'
Theatre Flat 12' x 4'

Please note: These references are not exactly correct. The toggles are not placed every 4'. Instead they are placed 6'. I intentionally did this to recognize the type and height of the flat when plotting a set in SketchUp. [And it keeps lazy college students from turning my work in as their own.] I may be redesigning these soon with labels instead of this method. That will allow for a more accurate render.

My next post will most likely be next year. And I will keep you posted to the few projects I'm working on.

Happy New Year!
-=*=- Dockery James -=*=-