Monday, November 28, 2011

Do you have Klout?

What is Klout?
Klout is clout... Actually Klout is a "new" service that shows how much digital clout you have. In other words Klout tells you your standing in Social Networking. It works by having you allow it reading access to your social sites. Such as facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogs. It aggregates the number of connections you have, how many people respond to your content, and the kind of topics that you talk about. Then it spells all this info out into comprehensive charts and simple scores. [ My actual current Klout Score is above. ] This score varies as you participate on social networks and the more info that Klout receives. If a score is not enough info there is a comparison chart that gives you a rundown of where you stand in real world terms.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Fun with Odosketch.

Today's sketch. Suicide Girl, Ambiome.

A while back I found this online program called Odosketch. It has been problematic for me to get used to. It has a fairly unique interface. The "brushes" give a marker like effect. They get broader the faster you draw. Which is great for quickly filling space. But it is rough when it comes to quickly drawing details.  But I have seen some very nice sketches made with this. I like that it shows an animation of the artist's process.

Despite a few drawing mistakes. I think this is one of my best sketches at Odosketch, yet.
Try your hand at sketching, and check out the galleries at Odosketch by Odopod.

-=*=- Dockery James -=*=-