Thursday, March 10, 2011

Luck of the Irish...

"As You Like It" wrapped up this past weekend. A fun time was had by all. A friend that came to review the show liked the "sheep" and gender bending of the roles.

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I've been having a bout of bad luck this week. A tire went flat on my truck while entering a gas station to air it up. The tire was only a bit low. I ended up five feet or so from the air compressor. I don't want to bore ya with the details. Partly cause I've mentioned it all over the inter-webs already, and I'm starting to bore myself. Since the weather is changing so much check on your own tires... Before it's too late!

I once found a four-leaf clover, when I was 9 years old. But now it's lost again. If it has not turned to dust, it's in between the pages of a thick and heavy book somewhere. Coming up is St. Patrick's Day, and for some it's a lucky holiday. They put on their lucky green shirt, and celebrate by drinking their green beverages.
No Lucky shirt? You can find one here!

But one thing about all those holiday shirts. Is that they are a bit awkward to wear any other time of the year. They make you seem like ya prefer one holiday over the others. So I could suggest getting an Irish themed shirt for this St. Patrick's Day, that can be worn anytime. Celtic Knots seem to be a good stylish choice for almost any time of year. For example:

Celtic Gold Knotwork shirt

Speaking of luck. The 2 day shipping for these T-shirts is 50% off. Use Code: IRISHLUCKY50 
Deal ends Monday, March 14, 2011 at 2:59PM PT. 

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I have some more projects that I will report on soon.

Until next time... May your bag be full of tricks, 
and a few Aces up your sleeves.
Dockery James

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